Feeding Your Plants

Plants make their own food in their leaves from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to create sugars and oxygen. But they also need additional nutrients and trace elements, which they derive from the soil around their roots. Most plants will grow without additional plant food, however they will not thrive and they will not achieve their full potential. To achieve a plants full potential we recommend BioFish 3-1-2General Purpose 3-2-5 and Hanging Basket 3-3-3 for in and around your garden. It’s easy to get the very best from your plants by ensuring that they have all the nutrients they need and more. Simply feed them at every level to provide for their exacting needs.


The first step in feeding your plants is to get the soil right. If they are growing in a container then that’s easy, choose a top quality planting soil that will provide a natural food source for several weeks and the correct additional nutrients to support the plant’s growth. Prior to your initial planting it is recommended to treat the root zone with a small amount of Root Condition and Humik.  Improve the soil before planting with a quantity of organic matter such as nutrient rich planting compost.  If the plants are already in the garden then top dress with a compost mixture along with Root Conditioner and All Purpose 4-3-9 watering in thoroughly.


If you are pushed for time and want to be sure that your plants have the right amount of food, choose a slower released product such as Flower Food 4-3-5 which container both slow and fast release nutrients. This technique eases the gardeners feeding schedule and extends any reapplications. Choose a slow release fertilizer that gently releases nutrients to your plants over several months. Such as All Purpose Food 4-3-9 these granules are activated by warmth and moisture in the soil. This slow release formula has been specifically formulated for slow long term release used in flowering plants, lawns and container plants. The granules release food to your plants when they need it the most, all you have to do is to mix them into the soil or compost around your plants and water in.


Some gardeners love the routine of weekly or every two week feeding cycles; it puts them in touch with their plants. Others just use a liquid feed as a fast food tonic when their plants are ailing or looking hungry. Our liquid plant food offerings offer the gardener several options (see all products in the Shopping Mall). It is best not to let your plants become stressed from inadequate feeding but when you need to get food into them fast a liquid feed is ideal. For ornamentals choose Buds N Bloom a product which will enhance and brighten flowers and promote greater budding and rooting.


Whether you are dealing with award winning Rose, Ornamentals or attempting something new, they will need expert care and attention. That’s why we have formulated a range of dedicated plant foods. Roses are a good example. These heavy feeders have large blooming stems to support and need extra nutrients to perform to their full potential. Choose Rose & Flower 2-3-5 for roses and other flowering shrubs. Acid loving flowerers such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias have different needs. For these and other ericaceous plants choose Rhododendron & Evergreen 2-3-4. All of these flowering plants can benefit from the addition of a product which increases the microbial activity in the soil, use of our BioFish 3-1-2 should be added prior and during the flowering stage of the plant.


When your garden plants are also a source of food for the family, consider growing them organically. Avoid using chemical pesticides and choose organic plant food that feed your plants naturally supplied by AG Global. The extensive Orgunique range of products offers gardeners everything they need for a natural, sustainable alternative gardening experience. Specific to growing Tomato’s and Vegetable Tomato & Vegetable 3-1-4 or for your fruits and berries use Fruit & Berry 3-2-4 and for an overall organic feed source  BioFish 3-1-2 fulfills all your liquid growing requirements. To enhance and promote abundant rooting, improving nutrient utilization and soil structure Root Conditioner can be added.  For a granular top dressing you should consider Tomato & Vegetable 4-3-7 and Fish Meal 9-4-1.


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